A cross of 707 Headband X UK Cheese, this popular Hybrid Strain has won many awards and remains the top choice amongst dispensaries!
A fruitful blend of Blue Dream X Maui Wowie, this Sativa is sure to keep you coming back!
An old-school favorite maintained since the early 90’s, this OG Kush Strain is considered to be TRUE OG!
A cross of Girl Scout Cookies X Granddaddy Purple Kush, it’s easy to see why this Strain is as Indica-Fan Favorite!

About Us

Polaris Wellness Center is a state licensed Cultivation and
Production facility currently serving state licensed
dispensaries in Nevada.


Monster Cookies

True OG

Citrus Cookies

Lemon Walker


Blue Maui

Distillate Oil

Made from single source flower, our distillate is as pure as it comes. Using CO2 extraction methods and our proprietary Terpene separation process, our cartridges taste exactly like our flower!




Korova Edibles

Main from our own flower, Korova Edibles are Unrivaled! Flavors of these luscious mini cookies include – Mint Chocolate – Saturday Morning – Oatmeal Glaze – Chocolate Chip – And more….

Contact Us

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